Electronic Ankle Monitoring


BLUtag is the original one-piece GPS ankle monitoring device. Government agencies have used the FCC-certified device longer than any
other one-piece GPS monitoring device. This small, lightweight device attaches around the participant’s ankle and is not removed for any
reason – not to charge the battery or transmit monitoring data.

Not removing the device from around the participant’s ankle provides a significant advantage to both the Agency and participants.

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Remote Alcohol Monitoring

SoberTrack device is a GPS-enabled handheld mobile breath alcohol monitoring unit. The SoberTrack device is a one-piece unit that is fully portable for breath alcohol testing anytime–anywhere. Participants’s blow into the disposable straw when instructed to do so by SoberTrack and the unit reports all test results to our Internet-based software, VeriTracks, using nationwide cellular service.

It can be easily carried in our supplied case along with spare testing straws. One unique feature of SoberTrack is that it uses GPS to identify the location of each test performed (along with locations before and after the test).

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