Remote Alcohol Monitoring by SoberTrack

The SoberTrack device is a GPS-enabled handheld mobile breath alcohol monitoring unit. The SoberTrack device is a one-piece unit that is fully portable for breath alcohol testing anytime–anywhere. Participants’s blow into the disposable straw when instructed to do so by SoberTrack and the unit reports all test results to our Internet-based software, VeriTracks, using nationwide cellular service.
It can be easily carried in our supplied case along with spare testing straws. One unique feature of SoberTrack is that it uses GPS to identify the location of each test performed (along with locations before and after the test).

The SoberTrack device is designed to be a portable, light weight, remote breath alcohol testing device that combines cellular, digital camera, and fuel cell technology. Users have the ability to take tests anywhere, using various methods such as random, fixed, and/or on-demand test. The GPS capability lets the agents know the participant’s location when taking a test. Test results can be sent to the agent by email or text message. SoberTrack will emit an audible tone when the participant needs to be tested. The participant acknowledges test notification through the touch screen. The device requires a deep lung blow that has to be sustained for over 5 seconds at a pressure required to access the air in the lungs. During a test sequence, the advance digital camera takes multiple images to provide for a more complete test review, eliminate blurry or partial images and to provide image comparison to the profile image. In low light settings the device is equipped with a LED light which automatically turns on to assist in obtaining the best picture quality possible. Comparison of the testing photo to a reference photo is done by STOP’s Monitoring Center within 10 minutes of the test being completed. The completion of the test will be displayed on the touch screen display of the SoberTrack indicating if test is completed or if re-test sequences are required with the configured re-test time in minutes. If no re-test is require the device will return to a blank screen. The device displays the status of the battery using icons when the screen is touched.


– No equipment to install in the participant’s home
– Handheld and portable means testing can occur anytime and anywhere
– SoberTrack is a small, lightweight handheld unit, so participants can carry it in the
provided case, briefcase, backpack or purse.
– All test results, and GPS location points of the test report into VeriTracks, our secure
web-based application

GPS capability means officers know the participant’s location before, during and after
the test – even if a test is missed
– Test results are displayed in the same user friendly format as GPS and event
information from other STOP products
– Setting testing schedules are stored on SoberTrack and within VeriTracks
– All features of VeriTracks can be used to review participant information
– STOP manufactures all of its own equipment and provides a lifetime warranty against
manufacturer’s defects.